Bourée Gaming, a licensed video gaming operator in the State of Louisiana, has an excellent reputation for customer service, technical knowledge and business savvy - that can help you bring video poker to your bar, restaurant or truck stop casino.

Whether you’re an established business, or a new company eager to get involved with video poker, Bourée Gaming can help you achieve success.

Bouree Gaming, LLC was established with the sole purpose of providing the best video poker gaming devices, top earnings and unsurpassed service to qualified bars, restaurants and truck stops operating in the State of Louisiana.

Call us at 504-302-9246 to learn how we can help you get started in, or help you improve your video poker operations.

Installation, Service & Collections

It is important to choose a video poker operator you can trust. Bouree Gaming has worked hard, since its inception, to provide its customers with the utmost in terms of trust, skill and service.

Our experience with installation, service & collections will be a valuable asset to any bar, restaurant or truck stop that wishes to place video poker in their establishment.

We operate the newest games, from the leading manufacturers. To learn more – give us a call!